Fire warden training
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Fire Warden Training Sydney

Our Fire Warden Training Course covers all of the training requirements that are listed in the Australian Standard 3745 Emergency Control Organisations. Our nationally accredited Fire Warden Training Course will ensure your staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to handle a safe evacuation of your workplace if the need should arise. It’s essential that you conduct regular evacuation training so everybody knows what to do in the event of an emergency.

Emergencies aren’t just fire hazards. You may also face: bomb threats, terrorism and chemical accidents. All staff must know what to do when that alarm sounds. We also have a fire extinguisher module to get all staff to use both fire blankets and extinguishers on REAL FIRES!

Our Fire Warden training course is nationally accredited and is designed to train people who will fulfil the function of chief or deputy chief warden for your workplace. Participants will be taught how to assess all possible emergency scenarios and how to supervise a proper evacuation. Special focus will be placed on satisfying the requirements of Australian Standard 3745-2002 Emergency Control Organisation and procedures for structures and buildings and how it’s applicable to every workplace.

Participants in this course will gain a compete knowledge of emergency procedures and will go be involved in a lot of practical drills to enable them to control all workplace emergency scenarios. This course may be designed to meet your company’s particular needs.

Duration: 4 hours.

Running On: By appointment.


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  • 01/07/2013
    "The Comsec experience is very worthwhile and we believe it adds significant value to a student's experience, both personally and academically, and can even enhance a student's employability in an ever more competitive graduate recruitment market."
    - Mattew
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  • 02/07/2013
    "Comsec offers students a challenging and exciting educational experience providing them with new perspectives on their chosen subject area and an understanding of different cultures. The programme is not only a fantastic opportunity for our students but it also strengthens the University's international standing."
    - Paul
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  • 30/07/2013
    "I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. It had been a while since I'd attended a hands-on workshop, but the experience was refreshing. I learned lots, particularly via the practical exercises and by reviewing the various sample websites."
    - Tina
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  • 26/10/2015
    "My 16yr old son went there saturday to do his white card. The staff were amazing and taught him so much. Thankyou!"
    - Charmaine
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  • 02/03/2017
    "come and do courses such as the Whitecard, First Aid, RSA, RCG and Traffic Control. There are many short courses one can do like EWP, Manual Handling and Fire Warden Training staff are awsome"
    - Maria
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  • 08/09/2017
    "I did my white card and traffic control training in Comsec in early 2000, and i liked the trainers and the staff are so easygoing and professional , they are happy to help you pretty much everything, i went back few times with my mates to do more training in 2016 like confined spaces, working at heights,and EWP, they even remembered my name and the year i did the white card and traffic control courses, what an amazing experience. i think because they work with their hearts n willing to help."
    - Davis Warren
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